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“Since Hunter is one of the hardest schools to get into, what kind of message does that send when children don’t see other kids at the school who look like them? The lack of diversity in the student body at a school for gifted students sent a very clear and false message that students of color were not smart enough to get into the school.”

―2021 HCHS alum 

HCHS Student Body: 

4.2% Black

6.7% Latine

7% Low income

We are a group of 30 students who are passionate about restoring equity in our school, Hunter College High School. We are pushing for our school to change its admissions process to promote integration and equity. HCHS needs to have a welcoming and supportive environment for all of its students to truly be an excellent school. To do that Hunter must reflect the city it serves. 


We are holding the Hunter administration accountable to our school’s mission statement which says:

Who We Are 

"Our schools strive to reflect the city they serve by admitting and educating a population of students who are culturally, socio-economically, and ethnically diverse. We seek to serve as a model for combining excellence and equity, serving as a catalyst for change in New York City and the nation."


Upcoming Events


We are hosting an open house for underrepresented students in conjunction with parent groups for families to learn more about HCHS and this year's process. 

Thu, May 27th @ 6:30 pm 

Sat, June 5th @ 10:00 am 

COME TO OUR PROTEST 5/28 @ 3:30!

The protest is located outside HCHS. 

We will be fighting for President Raab to replace this years unfair admissions test with a weighted lottery. 

To learn more about what a weighted lottery is you can go here

Learn more about both of these events on our events page!


Our Demands 

  1. Suspend the 2021 Admissions test

  2. Use an integration expert to create an alternative process for 2021 that is as equitable as possible 

  3. Work with an integration expert for long term solutions to increase diversity at Hunter 

  4. Maintain transparency with HCCS stakeholders throughout the process 

Recent updates 


A test is being held in person on JUNE 23rd

Applications for entry are available on the Hunter Website 

Check our post for more information on eligibility etc. here 

We will be responding to this plan in two ways: 

  1. We will be doing as much outreach as possible so as many Black/Latine/low income students apply as possible 

  2. We will continue to push for an alternate solution (such as a weighted lottery) and the suspension of the test for this year as this plan is inequitable and unacceptable

You can find our full statement on the plan here

To get involved, volunteer at our open houses and attend our 5/28 protest! 

Go to the about us page for Patch and amNY articles written about the new plan

Why you should care

HCHS is 4.2% Black, 6.7% LatinE, and 7% low income in a city that is 25% Black, 40% LatinE, and 72.8% low income. HCHS was created to uplift NYC’s population and give our city’s brightest students an excellent education. However, under our current admissions process with a single high-stakes test, entire populations of NYC that have intelligent and high performing students are being passed over. Not only is increasing diversity crucial for educational equity, HCHS needs diversity in order to create a welcoming environment and supportive community for its minority students.

“Socioeconomically, I feel extremely isolated. Hunter does well to support kids like me with financial aid… [but] the toxic atmosphere at Hunter does not help because people who have money for prep and other things show off their privilege, and it’s disgusting.” 

-alum, class of 2020

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